Malawi Cycle Challenge Update

African cycle challenge raises over £213,000 for transport charity Transaid

Our non-executive director, Dave Howorth has recently returned from his epic cycle challenge in Malawi. Covering 600km in 39 degree heat, it was one of the toughest challenges to date but Dave’s hard work paid off as he personally raised £4,400 for the charity.

40 riders took part in the five-day bike ride which saw them cycle through some of the most picturesque but gruelling terrain in Malawi. Much of the route saw them cycling off road through dirt, sand and gravel along with an exhausting all-day climb (3000 metres) up the Zomba Plateau. The blistering temperatures and high humidity added to the difficulty, with the riders drinking over 14 litres of water each day to try and avoid heat stroke and dehydration.   

Dave commented: “I have completed four African cycle challenges and this was by far the toughest for me and all the cyclists. Getting to the finish line was a huge triumph and meeting the Malawian people along the way made it all worthwhile. They are some of the happiest and friendliest people I have met, despite living in one of the poorest counties in Africa.

“As a team we raised over £213,000 and being part of raising this incredible amount of money for Transaid feels fantastic. Transaid is a great cause and one close to my heart as it helps those in need through the industry in which I have worked all my life.”

Transaid shared the following quote with all the riders upon their return:

“The money you raise through cycle challenges is what we call ‘unrestricted income’ and the reason this is so important to our work is that it goes towards pilot projects in areas we feel urgently require attention, and where we can really make a difference.

Only once these projects are proven successful, they can be scaled up with major funding from international donor organizations.

Thank you for your incredible support – you help us fund projects that really do save lives!”

Here at NX we are extremely proud of Dave’s achievements and that of the whole cycle team.

To help support Transaid, you can still donate towards Dave’s ride by visiting:

About Transaid

Transaid is an international development charity, supported by the logistics and transport industry. Using local transport solutions to improve and save the lives of people in developing countries the charity has supported a range of projects including Ambulance bicycles and a hovercraft in Mozambique – to transport children with malaria or pregnant mothers to hospital – to driver training programmes due to road accidents being the third biggest killer in Africa after malaria and HIV. 

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