The benefits of a closed pallet network

At NX we operate what is known as a Closed Pallet Network, which means we use our own dedicated fleet of vehicles and drivers for our deliveries throughout the UK. We’ve put together more information on this type of service and what the key benefits are to our customers.

How does it work?

A closed pallet network operates on a dedicated fleet, where goods are distributed on one vehicle from one central hub.

What are the differences compared to a Pallet Network?

Pallet networks operate on a cost-focused basis, where goods are collected and delivered via a range of different transport companies. Goods are often passed between each logistics carrier via regional hubs. For example, your goods may be collected from A and delivered to B on one carrier, then collected from B and delivered to C on another carrier, etc. until the goods reach their end destination.

This is often the cheapest way to send palletised goods, especially if the quantities are small. The deliveries are usually on a 48-hour basis throughout the UK.

What are the benefits for my company?

A Closed Pallet Network provides a safe and secure distribution service, particularly for pallets that require delicate handling, enhanced visibility and improved security. By using our own dedicated fleet of vehicles and drivers it minimises the amount of cross-handling which in turn reduces the risk of anything going wrong.

The key benefits at a glance:

  • Next Day deliveries throughout the majority of the UK
  • Improved customer service levels and a dedicated account handler
  • Reduced handling of goods
  • Enhanced security
  • Visibility – you’ll know where your goods are all of the time!

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