Fleet drivers and warehouse staff encouraged to peak performance with health and wellbeing pack

The NX Group is urging its fleet drivers, warehouse operatives and head office employees to stay healthy and hydrated whilst at work, by giving out free health and wellbeing packs full of information, food and drink.

We have given all members of our temporary and permanent staff water bottles, fresh fruit and advice from Public Health England and the British Heart Foundation on keeping healthy, as part of the packs.

Many of our fleet drivers received their free packs early at the DIRFT East Business Park near Crick on the morning of Monday 13th August during the launch of the initiative, which senior staff hope will inspire other firms in the warehouse and logistics industry to follow suit.

Rebecca Bateman, HR Manager, said; “Our hard working and expert staff are the backbone of this company and our most precious resource. As responsible employers we encourage our staff to stay hydrated and eat healthily, both on our premises and while out delivering goods and packages around the country.

“In particular we are encouraging our staff to drink plenty of water in the summer months, which this year have been particularly hot. This is important to our fleet drivers, who travel great distances, and those working in our warehouses, who are constantly busy processing orders for our many customers and clients.

“Many of our fleet drivers already bring packed lunches out with them, including fruit, and some take frozen bottles of water with them which thaws over the course of the day in their cabs, ensuring they have a steady supply of cold water.”

We are also purchasing additional water coolers for its premises, and are planning to work with Public Health England to further improve our health and wellbeing measures.

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