24 hours in NX Operations

Last month we opened our operations to 24 hours, 5 days a week. Therefore we have taken a look at a typical 24 hours in NX operations to give you an insight into what goes on here at The NX Group. Our operations are split into shifts, and incorporate planning, loading, pick and pack, and much more. We have employees based in our offices, warehouse and out on the roads, all carrying out a range of tasks which make our operations run efficiently and effectively. Let’s take a look at what happens over a 24 hour period.

  • 3am – The drivers paperwork is set out and checked, ready for the drivers to start arriving on site
  • 5am – The majority of our drivers arrive and are ready to set off around 5am, collecting their paperwork, carrying out vehicle checks, checking their loads and route. After getting a cup of tea, our drivers head off to their deliveries.
  • 6am – Our warehouse employees arrive and prepare the palletised goods on the warehouse floor, ready for collections or for stock to be moved into the warehouse storage later in the day. The team use the handover checklist from the night shift to ensure all deliveries are prepared and stock is fully traceable on the warehouse floor. From 6am other transport companies arrive with deliveries of stock, which we unload and process.
  • 7am – Our Key Accounts, Courier Operations Controller and additional warehouse staff arrive and prepare for the day. Courier collates same day jobs with paperwork – you can read our blog ‘A day in the life of NX Courier’ to find out more. Key accounts and the Customer Service team prepare any jobs and respond to all enquiries throughout the day, including collections for the drivers on their way back and other information of deliveries into our warehouse.
  • 8am – From 8am our phones start to ring with courier quotes, customer enquiries, booking information and much more! Our Transport team will communicate with both the drivers and Customer Services to provide updates on deliveries and collections, therefore keeping the customer and driver up to date with timings and other information.
  • 10am – This is the busiest time for our same day courier service to receive requests for same day deliveries. Ecommerce orders will come in throughout the day, which are picked and packed by our dedicated team, ready for delivery. The NX Secure team will prepare stock which is held in our warehouse and required for delivery – this can incorporate pick and pack, preparing pallets to meet distribution centre requirements and much more.
  • 2pm – Our warehouse team swap shifts, complete with a handover of any information from throughout the day and outstanding tasks. Our drivers start to arrive back to the yard from around 2pm depending on their run.
  • 4pm – Evening shift begin to arrive, including handover between two Operations Managers which includes information of what has happened during the day shift and any outstanding tasks.
  • 6pm – Ecommerce parcels which have been picked and packed during the day are collated, organised and sent out for next day delivery.
  • 7pm to 3am – During this time, our planner prepares all the routes for the deliveries and collections for the following day. Paperwork is prepared, collated and filed to match the deliveries loaded onto each vehicle.
    Goods are prepared on the warehouse floor, including wrapping pallets and much more. Deliveries into our warehouse are made during this time, including goods coming in via EU hauliers.

If you would like to find out more about The NX Group or discuss storage and distribution of your products, please contact the team sales@thenxgroup.com or call +44 (0)1604 217855.

24 hours in NX operations