Top 10 Tips for finding the best warehouse for your goods

Finding the right warehouse for your goods is important no matter what stage your business is at. From start-ups to well-established organisations, you need to find a warehouse that meets your needs and requirements, including any tailored solutions. With areas of growth such as ecommerce, you need to find a warehouse that can continue to grow with you.

We have put together our top tips of what to consider when looking for a warehouse partner. Do your research
Whilst this may sound obvious, this is a huge part of finding the right warehouse for your goods. Warehousing may not be something you are familiar with, therefore carrying out your own research into companies will provide more of an insight into their facilities and capabilities, as well as giving you more of an understanding of how they can meet your requirements. This is especially important if you have bespoke requirements and are looking for a company to provide a tailored solution

The location of the warehouse impacts on other aspects of the business, most notably accessibility. Choosing a prime location for warehousing and logistics is vital for reaching your customers. Northamptonshire is located in the “Golden Triangle of Logistics” – a prime location for all logistics companies, and is the chosen area for many major retailers to locate their distribution centres.

Security levels
Depending on your goods, your security requirements will differ. For high-value goods, it is important to find a facility with high levels of security, including CCTV, security team and body scanners. For other goods, levels of security including CCTV are important for keeping your goods safe.

Warehouse Management System (WMS)
A Warehouse Management System (WMS) is used throughout the warehouse operations, and asking about the WMS can lead to a deeper understanding of how the company works. A WMS is used for many aspects, including stock levels, stock location and communication with the warehouse customers.

Pricing needs to be appropriate for your goods and requirements – whilst this is not the main point for choosing the right warehouse, it does need to meet your expectations and budget.

Can your chosen warehouse grow with you? With every company aiming to grow, it would be wise to look for a facility that can meet any growth your company expects and any additional demands.

If you require re-work of your goods, or have an e-commerce platform, you would need to find a facility that can meet your requirements. This is key to addressing the scope of the warehouse facilities at the initial contact stage, to get an understanding of whether they can support the required platforms.

Checking out testimonials from existing customers gives you a feel for the company, and this is a great opportunity to find out what customers think about the service provided.

The complete solution
If you require the complete warehouse and logistics solution, it is definitely worth looking for a company that can provide both. Whilst there are stand-alone warehouse facilities, it is beneficial to work with a logistics provider who can supply both warehousing and distribution. If you would like to find out more about The NX Group or discuss storage and distribution of your products, please contact the team or call +44 (0)1604 217855.

Choosing a warehouse