What is a Warehouse Management System (WMS)?

A Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a central management system used in the daily operations of the warehouse. The WMS is implemented within a warehouse in order to assist the team with optimising their operations.

Which Warehouse Management System?

There are many different WMS software applications available for implementation in the warehouse. Whilst these systems have a lot of similarities in their ultimate offering, companies will choose the WMS which meets any bespoke requirements they have, especially if their customers require specific reporting functions.

Within larger warehouses, the WMS can operate additional features such as identifying products for pick and pack services, and can utilise aspects such as Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) for asset management.

Why use a Warehouse Management System?

One pain point for customers is having an accessible way to check their stock levels within the warehouse facility they are using. Warehouse Management Systems are primarily used to track stock levels and locations. The WMS provides information for the internal warehouse team, and also up to date inventory reports for customers. Another key aspect customers comment on is stock loss. This can be a worry for customers, especially as warehousing can have the perception of being unsophisticated. Utilising a WMS can reduce the level of errors in stock levels and locations within the warehouse.

The Warehouse Management System Process

Once goods are received into the warehouse, they are logged within the WMS. This information includes the stock inventory, location and any other information required by the warehouse team, this can differ depending on how the operations work. The WMS is kept up to date, incorporating regular checks by the team, to ensure that stock levels match the customer records. Reporting capabilities within a WMS are extensive, providing reports for both internal use within the warehouse and also reports for the customer. Once stock is moved or selected for delivery, the WMS is updated to reflect this – which provides full traceability of goods.

NX Secure Warehouse Management System

The NX Secure team use an online Warehouse Management System called Access Delta, which was implemented in 2015. Access Delta have provided us with an excellent WMS, which meets all the requirements we have at NX Secure, within this we can record stock attributes such as Sell By Dates, Batch Numbers, Serial Numbers and production dates.

One key benefit of this system is the online feature for customers to use, providing up to date stock levels, with access at any time via a customer portal. The feedback from customers on this feature has been positive, with the flexibility to check stock levels at any time. Alternatively, customers are able to call the NX Secure team, who can check the WMS and provide information over the phone.

In addition we can set up automated reports to run at specific times of the day/week, any GDN’s or GRN’s can also be emailed in real time.