Supply Chain into Major Retailers

Supply Chain into major retailers is key for all companies, to ensure goods are delivered and can be added to the shelves for end customers. Delivering into Amazon Fulfilment Centres and supermarket distribution centres requires planning including bookings, ensuring goods are palletised in the correct way, and meeting any requirements set by each distribution centre. For many customers, they prefer to have one supply chain company to provide this solution, therefore saving them time in sorting out each order and booking.

Customers who require goods to be delivered into supermarket distribution centres or Amazon UK Fulfilment Centres look for a company who can provide both warehousing and distribution of their stock, all from one central point. It is important to get bookings, timings and stock correct, as goods can be refused delivery and this can cause delays in getting stock onto shelves.

The NX Group specialise in providing the complete supply chain into major retailers, including distribution centres for Amazon, ASDA, Tesco, Sainsburys, Morrisons and Costco. Our customers comment on how simple the process is when working with us on bookings into the distribution centres across the UK.

Key Benefits of working with NX

  • Location – The NX Group has the main operations in the prime location of DIRFT, Crick which is located at junction 18 of the M1. This location is next to many distribution centres for supermarkets, due to being central within the UK. Other DCs for supermarkets, and Amazon Fulfilment Centres, are located nearby within locations the NX Group deliver daily into.
  • Experience – With a wealth of experience of delivering into these DCs and Fulfilment Centres, the NX Group understand how each booking system works, how pallets need to be prepared for delivery, and any specifications each DCs sets for deliveries.
  • Warehousing – Alongside providing distribution into supermarket DCs and Amazon UK Fulfilment Centres, the NX Group offer different warehousing options for goods. This provides the complete supply chain solution from one supplier, both storing and delivering your stock into supermarkets and Amazon.

Working with the NX Group for your distribution requirements into supermarket DCs and Amazon Fulfilment Centres is perfect for SMEs. Let NX sort your distribution, plus warehousing options available if required. The NX Group have experience in delivering goods from a range of markets, including cosmetics, healthcare, ambient food and beverages, and much more.

If you would like to discuss how the NX Group can provide your warehousing or distribution into supermarkets distribution centres, and/or Amazon Fulfilment Centres, please contact us or call 01604 217855.

Supply Chain Major Retailers