Top 5 Tips for Staying Safe This Winter

With the winter months here, the wintery weather is likely to arrive over the next few months. Rain, snow and ice have become the typical outlook for the winter in the UK. We’ve put together our top tips for staying safe this winter, especially as so many of us choose to travel over Christmas and New Year.

  • Get your vehicle checked: Lots of garages, both local and the big brands, offer a winter health check for your car which is something to consider investing in. Typically, this includes checking your tyres, oil, and brakes.
  • Be prepared: When bad weather is forecast, get yourself prepared with the essentials, especially if you are heading off on a long journey. Ensure you have a blanket, water, a snack, suitable footwear, a shovel, first aid kit and a torch. Ice scrapers and de-icer help prepare your car, ensure you clear all windows, and don’t leave your car running and unattended – no matter how short popping back into the house or office is!
  • Drive slowly in poor weather conditions: Poor weather conditions can affect your breaking distances and visibility. Taking care to drive sensibly, and slowly when required, is essential for bad weather conditions. This is not only important for you, but also to be aware of other drivers around you.
  • Check your fuel: Keep your fuel tank full, you never know when your journey may take a lot longer than you anticipated! On the topic of keeping things topped up, check your mobile phone charge too for any emergency calls you may need to make.
  • Don’t take risks: Can your journey wait? It may be worth waiting another day for any poor weather conditions to clear before you make your journey. Also remember not to overtake unless safe to do so, there could be uncleared snow or ice that you’re unable to see.

There are lots of other top tips for the winter available online, including may car breakdown services who offer their advice. We are for all your supply chain, warehousing and same day courier requirements. Give the team a call on 01604 217855 or email us