Secure Warehousing – Meeting your requirements

When it comes to warehousing, finding the right one to meet your business requirements can seem daunting. You’re looking for a facility to hold your stock, but what happens if the products are high value or require food hygiene certifications? Coupled with these certification requirements, you will also be looking for a facility with a high level of customer service, quick stock check availability, and a central UK location for easy access to the key motorways.

The NX Group understand how important it is to meet these requirements, both to your business and your end customer. Therefore, NX Secure provides high security warehousing with several certifications and a Warehouse Management System for quick stock level checks.

TAPA A Certification

High value goods require high security, to ensure your stock is fully protected at all times. The TAPA A accreditation at our NX Secure warehouse facility includes double gating, razor fencing and 24/7 monitoring by a G4S patrol. Therefore, your goods are fully traceable due to CCTV and a comprehensive Warehouse Management System. The facility is perfect for high value goods or those liable to damage or theft.

Adding the NX Secure warehouse into your supply chain offers you high security, easy access to stock availability, and peace of mind.

Food Hygiene Certification

For dry food items, the NX Secure warehousing is compliant with the Food Hygiene Standards and has recently received a certification for this. Our warehouse meets requirements for storing and handling dry food goods.

Safe in our hands

Alongside these certifications, you can be sure that your products are safe in our hands. The NX Secure team provide high customer service levels, and are available to discuss your requirements. The NX Secure team are only one part of your supply chain, as NX Logistics provide secure distribution across the UK. With a fleet of tracked vehicles, your stock has fully traceability and will be delivered by our trained drivers.

If you would like to discuss any warehousing requirements, please contact or call 01604 217856.

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