Road Tech app proves a game-changer for our staff

We have rolled out Road Tech’s Roadrunner Driver app across our team of drivers, increasing the efficiency of the delivery process via a sophisticated system that benefits both our staff and customers.

Based within the Golden Triangle of Logistics in Crick, Northamptonshire, we operate a dedicated fleet manned by fully DBS-checked drivers, who are responsible for ensuring that deliveries nationwide are completed within the agreed 24 or 48-hour turnaround. Prior to the app’s installation, we had relied on paperwork proof of deliveries (PODs). These were processed following the driver’s return to our base, which meant that any issues or feedback from the driver or customer could only be investigated post-delivery. 

Under the new system, all delivery jobs are booked onto Roadrunner, our transport management system (TMS). These then become manifest and form the driver’s itinerary for the day, enabling the driver is able to see at a glance the collection point, delivery point and address, recipient’s contact details and a brief description of the order.

“Crucially, upon arrival at the goods’ destination, the driver is able to enter comments relating to pallet or job discrepancies: and, where relevant, these can be supported by photographs uploaded on the spot,” Peter Connolly, our IT & Project Manager, explains.

The driver then selects the “event” – delivered or refused – and takes a photograph of the signed paperwork. In addition, customers’ and delivery recipients’ signatures can now be captured via the app’s “sign on glass” technology. All details come through instantly to Roadrunner, where customers can then obtain the POD.

Peter Connolly continues: “Since we began trialling the app earlier in the year, our drivers have fed back to us that they’ve found it straightforward and very easy to use. A major advantage of Roadrunner Driver is that jobs can be updated mid-run, when the driver is already on the road, meaning up-to-date information can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

“Essentially, the app opens up a new set of key performance indicators at driver level that enable us to continually observe and assess how efficiently we’re meeting our delivery objectives. Any issues can be identified immediately, and therefore addressed without delay,” he concludes.

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