Reasons Deliveries Fail

When deliveries fail, there are many consequences which cost both time and money. Most deliveries which are sent out via distribution, courier and carrier services are scheduled to arrive on a specific date and/or time. There can be many different reasons for a delivery to fail, and usually they can be re-booked, re-delivered or collected. Unfortunately, there are certain circumstances when failed deliveries are unavoidable, however distribution companies have procedures in place should occasions like this occur.

Top Reasons for failed deliveries

  • Incorrect details for delivery address / recipient
    Occasionally, the end customer is not aware of a delivery, therefore they can refuse to accept the delivery, or they may not be available to receive the goods.
  • Pallet type – some retailers will specify what type of pallet goods should be on
    There are different types of pallets available for palletised goods, depending on the weight of the goods. For certain deliveries, there are restrictions on which pallets can be used for deliveries due to pump trucks and forklifts. If the goods are not on the right pallets, retailers and warehouses may refuse to accept the delivery, as they will not be able to use their equipment on the pallets.
  • Height of pallet – some retailers will specify how high a pallet can be stacked
    Similar to the pallet type, there can be restrictions on the height of stacking on a pallet, depending on the goods and where it is being delivered into.
  • Damages to goods and packaging
    If goods arrive which are damaged or have damaged packaging, they are less likely to be accepted. Damages to goods and packaging can be a big problem for distribution companies, as this can happen prior to delivery and result in the stock being refused.

Consequences when a delivery fails

  • Financial: Fines from retailers, plus they keep a record of how many failures there are
  • Time: having to re-book and re-organise the deliveries, delay in receiving items for customers. The goods will have to be delivered back into a hub or warehouse for storage before they are re-booked and re-delivered.
  • Reputation of both the distribution company and the goods company

How to prevent a failed delivery?

  • Ensure all information regarding the delivery is correct, such as the address, recipient, paperwork required for the delivery, ensure they are expecting the delivery
  • Pack goods on the right type of pallet, at the right height restrictions
  • Call the recipient before delivering to ensure they are in and ready to accept the delivery, including information on who the named recipient is
  • Check if there are any restrictions in place which might lead to a delivery not being successful

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Reasons Deliveries Fail