Warehousing for Machinery and Automotive

Machinery and automotive parts encompasses a broad range of products from tools to heavy-duty machines, from tyres to engines. Such items can be bulky items and require additional space within a warehouse setting. A clean environment is required to prevent dust and damages to the equipment.

Any sized items

Within the machinery and automotive industry, parts can come in any size. Our warehouse facilities are suitable for bulky items which require floor space, palletised items for storage on racking, and also small component parts within our dedicated warehouse space. For smaller items, we have a dedicated area for compartments for items such as screws, drill bits etc. We understand the importance of keeping such components together in an organised environment, and ensure we send out the correct parts to match larger products. We offer a pick and pack service for component range items.

Warehousing of Goods

The team at NX Secure have a wealth of experience in providing storage for machinery and automotive parts. They understand the importance of keeping these goods safe and secure. Our facility is suitable for high value goods, therefore expensive parts are stored in our highly secure warehouse. We have experience in providing automotive and construction customers with storage and delivery to site, working closely with the customer to ensure the correct parts are delivered on time.

Same Day Deliveries

Within the construction and automotive industry, time costs money. Therefore, we understand that parts need to be available at short notice, and often delivered on a same day basis. Our dedicated courier fleet are available to deliver goods on the same day. Where goods are stored at our central warehouse facilities, we can deliver direct to site. Our courier services also include collecting and delivering goods across the UK. Our dedicated courier fleet are include vehicles with tail-lift options for delivering on-site, and can hold loads up to 1100kg.

If you would like to find out more about The NX Group or discuss storage and distribution of your products, please contact the team sales@thenxgroup.com or call +44 (0)1604 217855

Warehousing for Machinery and Automotive