Warehouse Management System

A good warehouse management system is one of the most important factors in an efficient supply chain solution. Therefore, it can be the difference between profit and loss; not only for a warehousing operation, but for its key customers and beyond.

It is one of the more overlooked aspects of the supply chain because it is assumed that goods are booked in and out with perfect efficiency. However, it is surprising how many companies regularly unearth alarming discrepancies in their inventory during a stock take. This can be something as simple as an item of damaged stock that hasn’t been flagged, or something much more significant such as a missing shipment.

Reduce Manual Count

How about reducing or eliminating the need for a stock take at all? This saves time and money as well as increasing a key factor in any high value supply chain: peace of mind. After all, your customer won’t have much faith in your warehousing product if there is any doubt about knowing where the stock is and how long it has been there.

Choosing the right warehouse management system is one of the most important implementations a warehousing provider will make, and it is the customer’s faith in such a system which ultimately educates their decision to award their business. After all, an efficient warehousing operation means minimal wastage of resource. Staffing is of course important for any organisation, but employing staff just to deal with the extra work that is generated through inefficiencies is a bad sign. When a customer sends a pick request or demands an inventory report, that exchange of data has to be flawless, otherwise the business service just isn’t up to standard. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFpUhyOdh10

NX Secure and NX Logistics have just installed a new WMS solution from Access Delta.

Their dynamic location management means we can pinpoint precise locations at site, aisle, row and unique location level. There’s even the option to create virtual zone groups, combining multiple pallet locations into a proxy group and then reporting thereon.

The ability to ‘see’ the inventory array in a real-time map provides an invaluable insight into stock denominations that you just can’t get with spreadsheets. Our clients have been giving us great feedback about the real-time reporting tools, giving them the ability to extract data on-demand. The massive range of data is something that is already reducing the amount of unnecessary enquiries we have to deal with on a daily basis. When the client can manipulate and extract the data exactly how they wish, it increases the efficiency from both sides. The information at hand can influence purchasing and supply decisions which can in turn save all stakeholders time and money.

This quality of data enhances our secure credentials. As every single stock movement is documented, we have complete peace of mind that the supply chain is at the highest level of efficiency and security. Contact us to find out more.