Taking the headache out of Amazon Fulfilment Centres

If you operate with either Amazon Seller Central or Amazon Vendor Central, it can be slightly confusing to get your head around how successful deliveries into the fulfilment centres work. This blog looks at our top tips and gives an overview of the services we provide our customers who operate with Amazon platforms.

Our Services

We aim to take away the headache of your Amazon operations, by offering the complete solution for your fulfilment. Our experience in working with Amazon sellers results in a comprehensive understanding of how the operations are carried out and we are a preferred Amazon haulier for our customers.

For Seller Central, our customers store their goods in our warehouse, we then ensure the goods are prepared and packaged to Amazon specifications. The order is then sent to the correct Amazon Fulfilment Centre for the onward distribution. Vendor Central customers store their goods in our warehouse facility and we are able to assist with either pallets or parcel deliveries to the correct Amazon Fulfilment Centre. The quantities here tend to vary depending on the product and SKUs.

We utilise the CARP system for booking transport jobs with Amazon, resulting in less paperwork for our customers, and ensuring we can meet all Amazon specifications and the requirements for each fulfilment centre.

Find out more about our Amazon services on our webpage here.

Top tips

If you’re looking to outsource your Amazon fulfilment, we recommend finding a logistics firm with the knowledge and experience of how it all works. We’ve put together a few top tip questions of what to think about and ask when looking at a logistics partner for your Amazon fulfilment:

  • Do the logistics firm work with the CARP System for bookings?
  • Will you have a dedicated account executive for bookings and regular updates?
  • Can the logistics firm provide both smaller parcels and palletised goods consignment deliveries?
  • Do they have demonstrated capabilities of working with customers to provide their Amazon fulfilment?

Find out more about our Amazon Fulfilment services by visiting our webpage here. If you’d like to find out more about The NX Group please contact the team by emailing us or calling 01604 217855.

Amazon Fulfilment Centres