Tackling roadblocks to mental and physical health with wellbeing project

Improved mental health, cancer awareness and oral hygiene were among the topics covered at our latest staff wellbeing meeting.

Members of our management team met with our drivers to hand out packs containing information designed to help our staff look after their mental health, be clear on cancer and keep their teeth in top condition.

A travel toothbrush and toothpaste set was included in each pack, encouraging our drivers to keep on top of their oral healthcare routine during long deliveries spanning the early hours or evenings; and each employee was also presented with a tyre pressure gauge for use when travelling to or from work, as well as during shifts on the road.

The packs were supplemented with anti-smoking leaflets and infographic posters placed around our workplace, to offer additional support to staff looking to kick the habit.

“Mental health among long-distance drivers is rightly an area that requires attention, with fatigue and stress two of the biggest factors that could impact on wellbeing,” Rebecca Bateman, our HR Manager, explains.

“Long journeys, often in darkness, require prolonged concentration; and, when combined with traffic congestion, delays or dangerous weather conditions, tiredness and tension are risks that need to be addressed and avoided.

“At The NX Group, the health and happiness of all our staff – from our drivers to our warehouse and transport office teams – is of the utmost importance. We regularly hold health and wellbeing events to ensure that our employees are well equipped to look after their physical safety and mental wellbeing before, during and after work.”

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