Road Safety Week

The 21st of November 2016 is the beginning of Road Safety Week. Since 1997, the charity Brake has been running the Road Safety Week campaign to raise awareness and change behaviour on the roads of Britain. Brake’s vision is to make road accidents a thing of the past. The charity works with schools and employers to promote awareness about road safety and sustainable transport.

The theme for Road Safety Week 2016 focuses on the 6 elements; Slow, Sober, Secure, Silent, Sharp and Sustainable.

Slow – Driving too fast for the conditions of the road is cited by police as a contributory factor in more than 1 in 4 fatal crashes.

Sober – 11% of motorists killed in 2013 had some level of alcohol in their body whilst still being within the legal limit

Secure – Using a seatbelt reduces the chance of dying in a car crash by 50%, whilst thousands of car occupants do not use one

Silent – A driver who uses a mobile phone or is distracted at the wheel is three times more likely to cause an accident

Sharp – Almost 3000 casualties are estimated per year as a result of poor driver vision, costing £33 million in the UK

Sustainable – Air pollution and road collisions can be minimised by reducing how much we use vehicles.

Outside of Road Safety Week, Brake works with fleet managers across the UK to implement road safety programmes for professional drivers. Notable supporters include Olympians and Paralympians plus those from the world of television and Formula One racing.

The NX Group is not an official supporter of Brake or Road Safety Week. If you or your organisation wish to pledge support or make donations to Road Safety Week, please visit their website and find out more.

Brake Road Safety Week 2016