Road Safety Week: Managing Driver Safety and Speed


It’s Road Safety Week 2023 and this year’s theme is ‘Let’s talk about SPEED’.  Brake, the road safety charity, is encouraging the nation to start a conversation to talk about why speed is a critical factor for the safety of our roads. In this blog we look at some tips to managing driver speed and also hear about NX’s commitment to road safety.


Managing Driver Speed

According to Global Fleet Champions there are a few simple tips that employers can undertake to ensure the safety of their employees.

  1. Prevent vehicle deterioration with regular maintenance

Ensuring your vehicles are in good working order, meeting and exceeding road safety standards, with regular servicing helps prevent accidents and unnecessary breakdowns.

  1. Use data to track driving behaviour

Tracking software allows you to gain transparency and clarity in day-to-day operations on the road. Informed decisions can be made around drive time, alternate routes, and adjustments to fuel consumption as well as offering information that can be used to help improve driver behaviour.

  1. Ensure drivers are aware of safety policy changes

Data tracking may result in safety policy changes being made in your company.  Ensure you make your drivers aware of these changes. Laying newfound knowledge down into the law of your fleet clears the air and communicates the seriousness of driver safety.

  1. Safety incentive programmes could cement your teaching

Once all your driver safety measures have been implemented you may need a few incentives to make the policies stick. When drivers are out on the road for long periods of time concentration can lapse and corners might be cut. An inspiring incentive programme can serve as a reminder to what you and the drivers are striving towards.

Safe Driving at NX

As a distribution company it is our responsibility to ensure the safety of our drivers and employees, but we also play an active role in ensuring the safety of other road users across our distribution networks and in particular in our local Northamptonshire community.

NX Transport Manger, Eddie Johnson is responsible for our secure fleet and trained drivers.

NX’s professional drivers strive for safer roads

Eddie says: “At NX we are very proud of our dedicated fleet of secure vehicles, which are fitted with both top level security and driver safety features.  Our drivers are professionals and have road safety at the forefront of their minds and are fully aware of the dangers posed by speeding.


“We offer a secure distribution service and pride ourselves on our ability to deliver our customers goods securely, safely and on time.  However, we always ensure that even the increased risk by rushing to make a delivery within a certain time does not compromise our commitment to road safety.”

Here are some tips from NX to ensure driver safety:

  • We review our fleet and ensure we have up to date security and safety features in our vehicles
  • We offer ongoing training and support to our drivers and ensure they are aware of the safety measures we have in place
  • We use the latest technology to meticulously plan our distribution routes to ensure deliveries are made, not only on time, but safely

Online Driver Training

As part of Road Safety Week, Brake has also compiled an online driver training programme for drivers to understand six key areas of road risk.

The training takes about an hour to complete and at the end you can print a certificate to show you have completed it.

Take Brake’s Driver Training Here


Let’s Talk About Speed

In conclusion, every time we break the speed limit, or drive too fast for the road conditions, we increase the risk of a crash, and ultimately increase the risk that someone will be killed or hurt on a road. So let’s get talking about speed on our roads and encourage our colleagues, employees and employers in the logistics industry to put road safety at the forefront of operations.

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