Road Safety Week 2017

Road Safety Week 2017 runs from the 20th to the 26th November, with the key message of Speed Down Save Lives. The campaign is being run by Brake, a charity dedicated to road safety throughout the UK. The charity aim to make road accidents a thing of the past, and work with schools and employers to promote awareness. This year, the theme of Speed Down Saves Lives has been chosen as speeding continues to be a problem on roads in the UK, therefore highlighting the dangers of driving too fast.

Speed Down, Save Lives will focus on:

  • Death and serious injuries caused by speeding
  • Rural roads are not race tracks
  • 20mph in heavily built up areas is the safest speed
  • Driving slow results in being able to stop in time
  • Speed cameras work in saving lives

This is an important campaign, especially in raising awareness of safety on our roads. You can find out more about Road Safety Week 2017 here.

Disclaimer: The NX Group are not an official supporter of Brake or Road Safety Week.

Road Safety Week 2017