Delivering into Retailers – Logistics

If you are a SME looking to deliver stock in major retailers and/or Amazon Fulfilment Centres, we are here to help! Did you know we provide warehousing and distribution into all major retailers and Amazon? Many brands which have secured contracts with retailers choose us to deliver their supply chain solution.

The Decision Process

Following securing a contract with major retailers, or getting your goods listed on Amazon, the next stage of the process is arranging your warehousing and logistics. This is an important process as you want to ensure you find a warehousing and logistics company you can trust and who meets your requirements. Depending on the type of goods, there can be certifications required for storage and distribution – this is always something to double check.

The best approach to finding a suitable warehouse and distribution options is to discuss your requirements with several companies and find out more about the options available. Information such as the number of pallets, regularity of deliveries and type of goods will be required in order to put together a proposal.

Why Choose The NX Group?

We have a wealth of experience in delivering goods into both retail distribution centres and Amazon fulfilment centres. We’ve seen an increase in the number of customers opting for this route to market, and we want to help provide an efficient operation for getting your products delivered. Key benefits of working with The NX Group are:

  • Complete solution of both warehousing and distribution of your stock
  • Warehouse facilities available for the storage of your stock
  • Extensive rework options available depending on requirements
  • Bookings of stock into distribution centres and/or fulfilment centres on your behalf
  • Ensuring stock is on the correct pallet type required by each DC


Our team are very knowledgeable on any specific requirements for each DC and will ensure your goods are prepared in accordance to these. We currently work with several leading beauty brands, ambient foods companies, and high value technology firms, providing their complete retail logistics solution. This incorporates warehousing and the distribution of stock. We work closely with these brands and have grown with our customers, enabling us to meet all requirements and modify process to ensure we are as efficient as possible.

If you would like to find out more about the services The NX Group offer, including warehousing and distribution, please contact the team. Call us on 01604 217855 or email

Delivering into retailers