Preparing for Brexit

In readiness for Brexit, we will have space available at our three warehouses after Christmas, so that customers can stockpile their products with us.

As the Brexit deal faces further delays, some industries are beginning to stockpile goods in UK warehouses, in order to maintain levels of manufacturing and continue operations as normal, in particular the car industry, plus the pharmaceutical and food and beverage sector.

While some businesses are looking to construct new warehouses to increase storage capacity, the approaching deadline of March 29th 2019 (when Brexit is scheduled to happen) means that there is little time for new buildings to be ready, and existing warehouses should be used to their fullest.

The NX Group will have space at our warehouses in Westgate Northampton and the DIRFT Business Park in Crick, as soon as the high demand around Christmas has receded, and we recommend interested parties contact us company from Thursday December 27th.

Our Managing Director Neil Powell said, “The uncertainty around Britain’s departure from the European Union has meant supply chain issues and storage solutions are now of paramount importance to many British businesses, and we have seen a rise in demand as a result.

While we do have some capacity in the run-up to Christmas, once Boxing Day has passed we will have space for our customers to fill, and we would urge interested businesses to speak to us in the days immediately after to secure sections of our warehouse in readiness for Brexit.”

“Predictions suggest that post-Brexit, companies will have to hold more stock closer to point-of-consumption, due to potential delays, which means storage sites will have to be utilised to maximum capacity as businesses stockpile goods in readiness for March 29th and beyond.

“We have warehouse units offering nearly 100,000m2 of storage capacity based in Northamptonshire within easy reach of the M1 and a fleet of haulage trucks and a dedicated team of drivers to transport your products to where you need them, plus our same day courier service means we can also meet any urgent orders.” If you would like to find out more about The NX Group or discuss storage and distribution of your products, please contact the team or call +44 (0)1604 217855.

Westgate Warehouse