Our team has the perfect cuppa down to a tea

Ahead of National Tea Day on 21st April, our staff have revealed their secrets to making the perfect brew.

A survey conducted this month amongst our employees found that tea trumps other hot drinks as the firm’s beverage of choice, with 57% preferring a cuppa to coffee. We certainly sink a lot of tea, with 33% estimating that they drink over five cups a day.

When it comes to brands, 40% prefer their tea with a northern flavour in the form of Yorkshire Tea, 30% opt for PG Tips and an adventurous 30% go in for other assorted brands and flavours.

In terms of the team’s favourite biscuit to dunk, Hobnobs narrowly pipped Rich Tea to the post. Milky tea was favoured by 42% of staff, while 33% enjoy a “builder’s brew” and 25% go for just a splash of milk.

As for the most controversial question of all – whether to add milk first or last – a decisive 66% confirmed they put their milk in first. And, though tea wins out across the firm as a whole, “Rosie Lee” isn’t our warehouse’s cup of tea: staff here prefer coffee.

Marketing Manager Helen Chick says: “As a typically tea-drinking nation, we wanted to put hot drinks to a vote and find out whether tea really is the most popular choice amongst our staff – and, if so, how they like their cuppas.

“While some results revealed surprising differences of opinion, it seems that tea still holds the top spot at The NX Group.”

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National Tea Day