Meet the Warehouse Team

This time in our meet the team blogs we meet the first few of our warehouse operatives. This team work together on the morning shift within our warehouse on the logistics side. Responsibilities include preparing goods ready for delivery, receiving goods in, loading and unloading vehicles.

What does the team do?

The roles within the warehouse operations cover a multitude of activities, with the morning team starting from 5am. The team work together to help each other achieve their daily tasks. Goods are prepared, and the team are reactive to orders coming in to get them ready, there is a handover to the afternoon team ready for them to load the vehicles overnight. The whole process runs smoothly with communication and handover between the teams.

Simon – Warehouse Supervisor

Simon has worked in the NX warehouse for over 10 years supervising the team. His morning starts with a walkaround the warehouse to check any additional pallets which require booking in and processing any returns. Once this is complete he starts the team with arranging pallets ready to hand over to the afternoon shift who will load the vehicles overnight.

Stuart  – Warehouse Operative

Stuart meets the drivers each morning to handout their manifest and sort any questions from the drivers. Each morning Stuart has tea, coffee and biscuits ready for the drivers which goes down very well! Once all the drivers have set off on their run, Stuart then moves into the warehouse to help with operations.

Tony  – Yard/Warehouse Operative

Tony has been with the company for many years and is now responsible for coordinating and monitoring the yard. This includes keeping the yard clean and clear; moving empty pallets to a designated area; directing vehicles with returns and collections to the correct bay; washing vehicles and carrying out additional vehicle checks. Tony has recently been trained to use a forklift truck so he is able to provide additional support to the team.

Colin and Victor are also warehouse operatives, working to prepared pallets when goods are moved into their warehouse section, including preparing all the documentation and labels for each delivery. When deliveries are made into NX the team receive the goods and move them to the correct section of the warehouse.

Find out more information about The NX Group’s warehousing and logistics services on our website here. Email us or call the team on 01604 217855.

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