Driving Growth with Road Tech Systems

Enhancing processes and customer experience is important to The NX Group, therefore Road Tech systems have been implemented across the logistics and courier businesses. Following growth and an increased customer base, a new system was required in order to meet increased demands and improve existing processes.

Road Tech

Road Tech is a market leader in providing systems for order processing and vehicle visibility. Offering a suite of software solutions for the transport industry, Road Tech has been operating for over 30 years.

The implementation of the Road Tech systems has enabled The NX Group to enhance customer experience and provide greater customer care. As well as the benefit of improvement in functionality both internally and for customers, it also improves control.


In line with operations, The NX Group selected which Road Tech systems to implement in order to enhance processes. Tachomaster is the UK’s largest driver’s hour management tool, which allows The NX Group to manage drivers effectivity, leading to improved productivity within the workforce. Falcon Tracking provides full vehicle visibility for internal use of tracking deliveries, as well as being able to provide customers with dynamic ETA. The NX Group has also implemented a new Transport Management System (TMS), Roadrunner, to process customer orders and provide an all-inclusive system for greater interaction between customers and The NX team.

The NX Group

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Road Tech Systems