Interview: Indie Beauty Delivers

We work closely with Indie Beauty Delivers, who find the best warehousing solutions to ensure a safe and secure supply chain for beauty and healthcare brands. Beauty logistics expert Rachel Whittaker is well-versed in laying the perfect path from lab to shelf. We caught up with Rachel to find out a bit more about what she does

Tell us a bit about Indie Beauty Delivers?

In a nutshell, we work with independent beauty brands to help them find their ideal logistics partner. We want to ensure they are working with the best company to meet their requirements. With a lot of key beauty players operating within the market, we want to ensure that they can compete.

How long have you worked at Indie Beauty Delivers?

We’ve grown rapidly over the two years since I set up the company, and I hope it will continue to grow!

Have you found a growing trend in beauty and healthcare companies requiring warehousing?

This is really exciting – there’s a huge growth of independent brands coming into the market, especially with the increase of ‘healthy beauty’. The key focus is on wellbeing, and people are changing their lifestyles to meet this. Most of these companies are starting online, with the ambition of getting into the big retailers. Once they are at this stage, that’s when the need for warehousing and logistics arises. It’s important that the warehousing and logistics can cater to the demands of retailers.

What do you think is the most important aspect of looking for the right warehouse for the beauty and healthcare market?

A clean warehouse environment is key; these products need the surroundings to be pristine. A lot of beauty stock is high value, therefore security is a concern for a lot of companies, to ensure that their goods are safe and secure. Other important factors include the ease of stock check and the location of the warehouse in relation to the main retailers.

There is the perception that warehousing is grubby and unsophisticated. How do you think the NX Secure warehouse differs from this?

It’s not only the perception of being grubby, it’s also the perception of being old fashioned. The NX Secure warehouse is very clean and has a great team carrying out the operations, which is evident every time I go to look around. The brand as a whole is very modern and visible, which is great within the industry. There’s a lot of content being produced and shared online from the NX Group, which is something that beauty brands look for. The team at NX understand the different rules and regulations for the retailers, which helps to minimise any fines that may occur.

How do you think the service from NX Secure benefits beauty and healthcare customers?

All the feedback I receive is positive – customers say how reliable NX are and enjoy building a business partnership with them. Any questions customers have are always answered quickly and professionally.

You can find out more about Indie Beauty Delivers here, and the NX Secure warehousing solutions here. If you would like to find out more or discuss your requirements, please email

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