Amazon Fulfilment Centres UK

The NX Group deliver goods into UK Amazon Fulfilment Centres on behalf of customers. We are not able to provide information regarding phone numbers, emails, addresses etc. for Amazon.

Amazon UK Fulfilment Centres

Amazon has been one of Britain’s largest and fastest growing businesses for 20 years. is the country’s 5th most visited website and the number one place for shopping.

All these website visits and sales inevitably lead to a wave of activity in Amazon fulfilment centres, of which there will be 16 in the UK by 2017. This network of regional warehouses covers the whole of the UK and ensures all orders arrive with the customer in good time.

For suppliers, this means lots of stock needs to get to and from those fulfilment centres, which are otherwise known as distribution centres. These are huge warehouses where the products on sale are stored and despatched all over the UK. Swansea Bay caters for Wales and the West, in the South of England is Hemel Hempstead and Dunstable, then in the rest of England there’s Milton Keynes, Peterborough, Rugely, Manchester, Leicester and two in Doncaster. In Scotland the Dunfermline and Gourock sites make up the UK map of Amazon locations so far. Planned for 2017 are centres in Daventry, Coventry, Tilbury (Essex) and a third Doncaster depot.

Every item that is despatched by Amazon, including the marketplace sellers that choose to deliver in batches to be Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) passes through one of these hubs. Distributors and suppliers all over the UK need to get their goods into the designated Fulfilment Centre on time.


NX have experience of delivering large loads of goods to all of Amazon’s fulfilment centres. Discover more here.

As with all major distribution centres, Amazon stock needs to be booked in and planned for a fixed time slot. NX drivers are well accustomed to meeting these timed bookings and will typically plan to arrive before the beginning of this appointment. The vehicles are fully tracked and have onboard CCTV so Amazon suppliers can be sure that their goods are looked after.

In most cases Amazon would be the supplier’s most important account, so the management of deliveries into each fulfilment centre is paramount. If consignments are rejected and vehicles have to be turned away because of missing these delivery slots, this uses up additional logistics resource. Ensure your Amazon consignments are managed perfectly in order to enjoy the benefits of working with such a prominent retail force.

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Please note that we do not represent Amazon nor have official affiliation with them. The NX Group can take large loads into their hubs.