Top tips for finding an eCommerce partner

Looking for an eCommerce partner? Whether you’re just starting off in the eCommerce world or well-established and looking for a change, we have put together our top tips of what to consider when looking for a new eCommerce partner. Finding a partner who works well with your business model is important to ensure your transactions run smoothly.

Check out our top tips of what to consider when looking for a new eCommerce partner.


Your SKUs can impact who your eCommerce partner is, and who the best partner for you is. If you are looking for small quantities you may get better value for money from a larger partner who can provide the service alongside operating with their bigger customers. If your SKUs are a larger quantity you may benefit from working with a dedicated service.

Retail Distribution

Alongside your eCommerce do you also require distribution into retailers? If this is your business model, it would be beneficial to find a partner who can provide both eCommerce and distribution into retailers.

Returns Processes

Having an eCommerce partner who can process and handle any returns takes any stresses away & allows you more time to focus on other things. Whilst you don’t want a lot of returns, it’s important to have this covered should the need arise. Having the process in place includes handling, processing via the IT platform and notifications to your team.

Warehouse Environment

eCommerce requires a clean, tidy and sophisticated warehouse environment. This is important to ensure all orders are clean, processed quickly and efficiently, and accurate. If a warehouse does not meet these requirements it can ultimately end up damaging your brand.

Customer Service & Communication

Effective customer service and communication between your eCommerce service partner and your teams is important for a smooth operation. A dedicated account manager available to answer queries, provide up to date information and much more is important for your teams to be efficient and provide the end-customer with high customer service.

IT & Systems Integrations

This is vital for your operations to be successful, with the integration between your eCommerce platform software and the Warehouse Management System used for order fulfilment. Does the eCommerce partner have a dedicated resource to oversee the system integrations and provide on-going support?

Growth & Future-Proofing

One key area to consider is growth. Can your eCommerce partner grow with you and meet any additional demands?


Take a look at what existing customers have to say about the services available. Why not give them a call to get any additional information and find out how they are finding working with your possible new partner?

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